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An Introduction to Pattern Design

Supplies and Tools for the Class

 Examples of Aprons on Bottles

In this class you will be experimenting with aprons for bottles.The bottle on the left shows an apron sloper cut from gingham. The bottle in the center is a trial muslin design. The bottle on the right shows how you can experiment with different fabric and notions. (My book How to Make Sewing Patterns is not required for this class.)

You will need the following supplies and tools.

  • A bottle (see below)
  • Masking tape (to cover the bottle)
  • Paper and pencil
  • A tape measure and ruler
  • Paper and sewing scissors
  • Fabric such as muslin (1/2 yard should be enough)
  • Gingham (optional - to practice draping)
  • A sewing machine (or a needle for hand sewing)
  • Thread
  • A see through ruler (optional - one is used in the video)
  • Any trim and notions you'd like to experiment with.
 Examples of bottle shapes

The bottle should have a flat tapered neck as shown by the wine bottle on the left and the water bottle in the center. Avoid wine bottles that have a curved neck like the one shown on the right. The curved shape is not appropriate for dart manipulation.

Intro to Design Home Page   ►  Supplies and Tools

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