An Introduction to Pattern Design
by Don McCunn

2008 Apron Design Contest

The apron designs below were created by the people in my online class "An Introduction to Pattern Design" in February, 2008. To see additional views of any of the aprons, click on the image.

1. Jen's Apron 2. Gingham Apron 3. Apron with Ruffles 4. Apron for Sewing 5. A Funky Apron
6. Leather and Lace 7. BJs Homespun 8. BJ's Kids and Ruffle 9. Flapper Apron 10. Ballgown Apron
11. Sue's Doll 12. Sari Apron 13. Gingham and Eyelet 14. Grograin and Buttons 15. Polka Dots and Netting
16. Polka Dots and Grograin 17. Black Buttons 18. Net Ruffles and a Rose 19. Something Different 20. Batik Apron
21. Pick Me 22. Civil War Apron 23. Bustle Apron 24. 4th of July 25. Recipe card holder

Copyright © 2008 by Donald H. McCunn