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Bust Sling Supplies & Tools

The Bust Sling Bra concept can be used to create a variety of different garments. These garments may or may not use traditional bra findings. The only bra findings not required are underwires and underwire casing. The video and list below describes the supplies by the week when they will be needed.

Bust Sling Supplies & Tools

Special Tool Requirements

  • Ballpoint sewing machine needles
  • Pressing ham or small ironing board

Week One -- The Pattern Shape

  • Glad Press'n Seal
  • Masking Tape in 3/4" (2cm) and 2" (5cm) rolls
  • Elastic for around the Rib Cage 5/8" or larger
  • Muslin for the Do-It-Yourself approach (optional)

Week Two -- Sewing and Fitting

  • Poster board (Or the stiff paper like that found in cereal boxes.)
  • Patternmaking Paper (Sample as a pdf file.)
  • Muslin - I recommend medium weight muslin
    (You can use any woven fabric you have available.)
  • Elastic for around the Rib Cage 5/8" or larger
  • Bra Strap Sliders for the Rib Cage Elastic, optional.
  • G-Hook or Bra Front Closing Clasp. (optional).
  • Tricot Bonded Foam

Week Three & Four -- Designs

  • Fashion Fabric of your choice
  • Lining Fabric to stabilize knit or lightweight fashion fabric.
  • Elastic for around the Rib Cage 5/8" or larger
  • 100% Polyester Thread (I recommend Gutermann thread)
    Optional Supplies based on your Design
  • Sliders for the Rib Cage elastic (5/8", 3/4", or 1").
  • G-hooks for front or back openings at the rib cage.
  • Bra Front Clasps
    Supplies for Hybrid Bras
  • Fabric for the back band (Powernet or Powerknit)
  • 3/8" (10mm) plush elastic for around the top edges or, elastic neckline edging
  • 1/2" or 3/4" plush elastic for the bottom of the bra band
  • Hook and eyes for the back closure.

Bust Sling Home Page   ►  Supplies & Tools

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