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Body Double Stands

The Torso Form can be taped to a stool to create a working dress form. However, adding a stand can make working with the form a lot easier. This week shows different ways stands can be made depending on the type of resources you have available including wood or foam core bases and iron or PVC pipe for stands. The Body Double can also be convertible as shown in the introductory video by placing the Torso Form on a simple pipe stand or on a leg form depending on the work that is being done.

Body Double Base

The Lower Torso Form is used as the primary base. To add a stand, the Waist Cross Section cut from mat board will not provide adequate support, it needs to be reinforced. One way to do this is with a Foam Board Base that can be cut using a mat knife. An alternate form of base can be cut out of wood. This is a little more elabroate, but adds considerable strength and stability to the form. For both bases the pattern showing the posture is important for determing where to place the supporting structures.

Foam Board Base, Part 1

Foam Board Base, Part 2

The wood base can be made from plywood and strips of 1" x 2" wood. The Wood Base pdf file shows pictures of the various pieces.

Wood Base, Part 1

Wood Base, Part 2

Body Double Stand

The iron pipe stand provides a strong stand which can be adjusted so that the waist-to-floor measurement matches this distance of the person the Body Double is being made for. This is achieved by using a coupling in combination with a nipple. These niples are available in lengths from 1-1/2" to 6" in 1/2" increments.

Iron Pipe Stand

For a PVC Pipe Stand more assembly is involved. The pipe will need to be cut to appropriate lengths with a fine tooth saw such as a hack saw. It then needs to be glued together. You can see the various parts required in the PVC Pipe Stand pdf file.

PVC Pipe Stand

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